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Synthetic turf is the clearly the best choice for a surface material that an organization can make for virtually any type of playing field or other area where you want both beauty and ease of care. Synthetic turf provides not only aesthetic beauty to your field but can help support the health and stamina of players running on it. The advantage that synthetic turf has over grass is especially evident the later it gets in a season. Natural grass will quickly be destroyed leaving bare spots of dirt that become hard and unsightly. Synthetic turf retains its shape, color and cushion much longer than grass.

Is there a need for maintenance?

Synthetic turf with proper care will provide many years worth of attractive and safe of playing surface for any sport or activity. As with any surface, proper maintenance is important to maximize your investment and prolong the enjoyment of the turf. Time, exposure to the elements and with the use that your field can expect it is natural for the turf to become worn or dirty.

Maintenance equipment.

Unlike a grass surface that requires constant attention, a synthetic turf requires only the occasional maintenance. Brushing is key, either a manual or mechanized brush machine will keep the surface pliable and the infill material evenly spread around. An occasional washing with a high pressure sprayer will keep it clean and attractive.