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Artificial Grass for Schools

People are used to seeing artificial grass on football fields. What they aren’t used to is seeing artificial grass on school grounds. Yet, when you think about it artificial grass makes perfectly good sense. Read on to see why schools are benefitting from using artificial grass on playgrounds and all around the school.

Artificial turf Saves Schools Money

There are many ways that artificial grass saves money. First, there is no cost for mowing or landscaping. There is no need to hire someone to keep up with new growth. Additionally, the school does not have to pay for chemicals used for weed control. Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free.

Furthermore, the school does not have to pay for hundreds of gallons of water to keep the grass green. Artificial grass maintains itself. It stays green and doesn’t need watering at all. Better yet, kids will not get grass stains on their clothes no matter how hard they play!

Artificial grass is a good investment for schools. There is no upkeep and the grass always looks green. Any way that schools can save money helps the education system. The money saved on grass maintenance can be used for educational expenses. Check into artificial grass for your school. You will be happy with the results!


Turf installation for shool in Melbourne